Make it Monday: DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

I can’t remember the last time I planned my Halloween costume in advance…probably never actually. If my mom didn’t do it for me, you better believe I was scrounging around my local halloween store the night before for something wasn’t scary or scandalous lol.

Last year, Ryan ordered this left shark costume on a whim but we had no plans so I didn’t worry about planning on something to wear.

Of course the night before, we decided we were going to go to an event at a brewery in the Outer Banks and I had less than 24 hours to become the best Katy Perry I could be.

The Halloween stores were empty so I hit Michael’s where I literally bought 3 inch blue ribbon and felt paper in white, red, yellow and blue. The base of my outfit was a white halter top and a white cotton circle skirt. I stapled pieces of felt to a piece of ribbon and tied it around my waste. For the top, I cut out white felt circles and layered the colored felt on top to make them look like beach balls. Add some ribbon around the neckline and I was good to go!

Katy Perry and Left Shark DIY Halloween Costume

Not too shabby for a last minute look built by felt and staples. Lol.

If you tend to find yourself in the same boat, I have found you some ideas and resources to help you clamor together a perfectly cute last minute costume…

Number #1: The Athleisure DIY Halloween Costume

Talk about something you will surly wear again! These Halloween outfits via Evolve are adorable and ridiculously easy.

Number 2: Be Anything In a Solid Dress

tropical drink DIY Halloween Costume

I don’t know about y’all but I have a ton of solid colored dresses! Did you know they had so many possibilities?! I love this Pool Boy and Fancy Drink couples costume that Kelly from Studio DIY came up with (easy DIY here)! This could be a strong possibility for Ryan and I this year if we make any last minute plans. Check out more of Kelly’s cute ideas here!

Number 3: Pinterest Is Always the Answer…

pinterest DIY Halloween Costume

I know this is no news to y’all but Pinterest is full of so many great ideas. Follow my Halloween Inspiration board to see a few awesome ideas I have found!

What are you thinking about being this year?


16 thoughts on “Make it Monday: DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. Kelsie

    These are seriously the cutest ideas ever. You make an awesome Katy Perry! I’m trying to think of something fun to be while preggo this year!

  2. Rachel Timmerman

    Number two is my very favorite!!!! So cute! It is amazing what costumes you can create with a solid dress. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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