Winter Creative Union Dinner

Creative Union

Two Sunday’s ago I attended my second Creative Union dinner with other ladies from the Hampton Roads area. This event is not only extremely gorgeous every time I attend, but it has been a great way to meet other creatives in my area!

Creative Union

The whole event is designed by Mary, from Blue Bird’s Garage, and Zoe, from Andi and Zoe Photography. Zoe is also responsible for all these stunning images.

Creative Union

How cute, right?!

This time it took place at one of my favorite places in Norfolk, the Corner Gallery (where I shot this outfit). Also, Anthropologie of Virginia Beach supplied all the pretty plates, glassware, and my #ootn pictured below 😉 .

Creative Union

Creative Union

Creative Union

While there were a few people in attendance that I meet at the last dinner (and was excited to see again), there were still so many new faces! I met artists, business owners, and even another blogger! Praise hands emoji!

We chatted about life balance (the struggle) and empowering each other because the world is only getting crazier y’all. Then of course we ate some delicious food. Haha.

It is so silly to me how some people (not the women at this event) can put others down. I feel like this is normally a jealousy of success thing. I know I have been guilty of it in the past and most recently, I have sat in on it while others gossiped. Even sitting around that negativity made me feel so yucky which is why I am so thankful for nights like this one pictured. Nights were camaraderie is evident.

Relationships are key in life. Of course all of us will never be best friends but I can tell you that I am ready to refer these awesome women if I hear someone needs their services. Want original art? Check out Kate Thomas. Need an awesome logo? Check out Lane Loves Studio. Planning a wedding? Talk to Katelyn. Oh and don’t even get me started on Dhalia Edwards makeup skills… the list could go on and on 🙂 . #girlpower

Side note though, boys are also welcome at this dinner so if you are a creative guy comment below and I will make sure you know about the next dinner lol.

Shop my look from the Creative Union dinner here:


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  1. Jordyn

    I love that this adorable event got you thinking about radiating positivity and supporting others! I think we can all be negative at times but like you I’m trying to focus on lifting other people up even when it’s hard!


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