TBS the Workshop in my Boatneck Body Suit

Last Saturday, I attended The Blog Societies 2nd workshop since TBSCON. It was held in DC and I met some new bloggers but also saw some familiar faces!

The event was centered around the idea of pitching brands to work with on your blog. We chatted about everything from media kits, to pricing, to hunting down those pesky public relations emails lol.

I always love attending events like this because everyone trades stories on what has and hasn’t worked for them. Everyone is so candid because no one blogger knows it all. We are all constantly learning and improving.

I made quite the adventure out of the trip. I visited friends, when shopping, and ate at Cava (which was everything I dreamt it would be).

And when it was time to head home, I had the swag pictured above (photo credit) to try out! I am particularly excited about the sunscreen!

boatneck body suit

Another reason I love these events is because it gives me the opportunity to wear a sweet outfit 😉 .

boatneck body suit

I actually found these earrings priced incorrectly at my local J. Crew for way less than they are online. I had no idea they were priced wrong till I went to pay for them. Luckily they honored the tagged price because I knew they were the perfect statement piece to form my outfit around! Plus they are so light! No ear (or wallet) snagging here!

boatneck body suit boatneck body suit

To go with the earrings, I went with this boatneck body suit  and these articles of society jeans. At this point AofS jeans are all I wear. I love the length for my 5’3″ height and they are so stretchy. Oh and did I mention they are just $54. Yup, size down 😉

Shop my boatneck body suit look here:


10 thoughts on “TBS the Workshop in my Boatneck Body Suit

  1. Jiawun

    I love your style! This outfit is so casual yet so beautiful! I’ve been loving off-the-shoulder ANYTHING so I’m definitely checking this out. Sounds like such a fun event!


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