Babies and Blueberry Lemonade

blueberry lemonade

I thiiink this might be the first time I ever used the “B” word on my blog. You know the “B” word that everyone always asks you about when you’re a recently married, 20 something-year-old girl. Yes, I am talking about babies today BUT before you get crazy, they are not mine.

blueberry lemonade

This past weekend, I hosted (and of course attended) my first grown up baby shower. What is a grown up baby shower you may ask? Well one that you don’t attend with your mom, of course!

blueberry lemonade

That might just be my own strange perception, but I was so pumped to have friends with baby bumps to celebrate! They are both having boys so blue was the colorย of the day.

blueberry lemonade

I strung some blue ribbons on a string to make a small photo booth wall once the bar car was rolled away.

blueberry lemonade

Keeping with the “blue” theme, blueberry lemonade was the signature drink! It was so easy and refreshing (especially since Saturday was uncharacteristically warm for Virginia).

Blueberry lemonade ingredients include:

  • 1.5 gallons of water
  • powdered lemonade mix
  • 1 liter of clear soda (lemon lime or ginger ale would work)
  • 2 lemons
  • 1 pint of blueberries (half muttled, half whole)

Mix it all together and serve!

Pro tip 1: put your beverage dispenser on top of a cake stand so it is tall enough to stick a glass under.

Pro tip 2: maybe consider getting a beverage dispenser with a fruit infusing pole in it so your blueberries don’t get stuck in the spout. Oops.

Pro tip 3: play good games.

I am not talking about were you try to figure out how big the future momma’s bellies are with toilet paper (um, rude). We played charades where the mom had to act things out for her team. This worked because we had two momma’s and it was hilarious. Seeing a mom try to describe “mom” things while pregnant and without words is hilarious.

We also gave everyone mini play dohs and asked them to mold babies out of them. The results were a little creepy but mostly because everyones babies looked like colorful aliens.

Oh what fun it was. Shortly after, I snuggled my baby (puppy, lolz) and guzzled what was left of the blueberry lemonade…


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  1. Leeza Smith

    such a simple recipe but sounds SOOO good! Thanks for the recipe, I literally cannot wait to try this. It will be so refreshing in the upcoming warm months! BTW your blog & photos are gorgeous!


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