Gossip Girl Glam

 Waffle knit sweater, similar here and here // Sequin Skirt // Wool Tights 
I don’t know about yall, but I can’t go to NYC without thinking of two of my favorite fashionistas…Serena and Blair. This outfit was inspired by them (and the 9 episodes of GG that my BFF and I watched while I was in the big apple). They wear sequins like its #nobigdeal so I finally broke this skirt out of my closet that I ordered for New Years Eve but felt too scandalous to wear (so short on my curvy figure). The wool tights and cozy sweater make the skirt feel much more appropriate. I love the different textures too! My coat (of six years, omg great investment) tops off the look perfectly and was quiet necessary because it was extremely cold. 

 Although Netflix basically describes Gossip Girl as rich friends that plot against each other (sad but true), I find the fashion so inspiring. I have been needing some inspiration in my life lately so I am going to try to sneak in an episode from time to time 😉 what show is your guilty pleasure? 
Speaking of inspiration, my instagram fast was easier than expected. Honestly, I am not sure I got the clarity I was looking for but it was def good to take a break!
Photos by Nicole Slaven

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