Tilley Hansen of Tilley's Threads

Hi there! I’m Tilley this is my blog to share all my great finds, tips and creations from my everyday life! My life motto is the same as my blood type: B positive. I am goofy but polished. I am not afraid to be basic but refuse to blend in. The beach is my place. Throw in a blue moon and some waves for the hubs and I am in heaven. I freelance for a living and love anything colorful. Well, except for my couches and cabinets…I like them white—ahem, Joanna obsessed. My blog began with my love of fashion and has grown with me over time. Adulting isn’t easy but I’ll get the hang of it and you better believe I’ll share my triumphs, failures and all thats in-between with a few DIY’s and heart-to-heart posts mixed in.

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