A Beachy Christmas

Two Octobers ago we brought home a baby Bernese Mountain Dog/Standard poodle and named him Deacon. He was about 15 pounds with teeth like a raptor but also as cute as can be. After our Christmas photos last year, I vowed to get new ones every year.

This year, Deacon is a whopping 88 pounds and although his teething stage is over he still has some learning to do. But that’s puppies for you!

We love him more than we could have ever imagined though. He is affectionate, sassy, and makes us smile without even trying.

These photos did end up being a bit hectic though because Deacon loves the beach! He loves to run (like a horse) and drink the water (he will not learn for some reason that it makes him sick)! He was pulling us every which way!

Bless you Meridith Bright Photography for putting up with us!

It was totally worth the craziness for these beautiful memories.

Nothing like a beachy Christmas!

We really do take living at the beach for granted…it is pure perfection!

This is me promising Deacon a million treats if he’d just behave! Side note, this sweater is amazing! I’ll like the whole outfit at the bottom…

Here’s to another Christmas season with my to favorite boys 💕!


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