How to Relax on Vacation

How to Relax on Vacation

I know the title of this post probably sounds absurd but two weeks ago, as I prepared to leave town for a week, as a business owner I was hit with the reality that relaxation was not going to be an easy feet.

My business has grown drastically over last year and I am so grateful but with the growth has also come late nights and stressful days. I know we all experience stress in any kind of job but when you are a one woman show, the rules and expectations are different. There isn’t someone that can cover for you while your gone. You gotta prepare more than ever before.

I honestly thought my brain might explode the Friday that we left. Working until the absolute last minute and still hadn’t done everything I wanted to…I feared the vacation I had looked forward to for so long would’t end up as I’d hoped.

How to Relax on Vacation

How to Relax on Vacation

Now that all is said and done I am happy to report back that I did achieve full relaxation! And although I am using a glass of wine as a prop in these pictures, that isn’t necessarily how I did it ?

How to Relax on Vacation

How to Relax on Vacation

How to Relax on Vacation

Step 1: Don’t over plan.

Luckily, we were going to a place we actually visit quite often so unlike last year when we went to Moab, we didn’t plan much. The whole week we had nowhere specific we needed to be and it was awesome.

Step 2: It’s ok to do a little work if you have to.

As the minutes got closer to the time we were supposed to leave for vacation, it became very apparent to me that I couldn’t do all that I thought I could. I decided I would block out a few hours midweek to work on a few things. Giving myself that grace relieved an immense amount of stress.

Step 3: Dress casual.

I have lived the fancy life and don’t get me wrong, I love to get dressed up occasionally. We did the night we went out for our anniversary. The rest of the time though, it was bathing suits and comfortable clothes. I wore this Lilla P shirt almost everyday after coming back from the beach and showering. It is beyond soft and I love the cut out detail. I know it will look so cute with booties this fall as well.

Step 4: Get Rest.

We went to bed early and woke up whenever our bodies wanted to (which was surprisingly around 8). I also got some beach naps in and a massage ?

Step 5: Be active.

Everyday we at least took the dog for a long walk. Sometimes 2! It is my opinion that endorphins double their effects on vacation.

Step 6: If all else fails, make some frosé ?

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  1. Alex

    I am SO bad at relaxing on vacations, so this is the perfect post for me! I tend to carry ‘work’ with me and constantly think about it too !


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