Local Find: The Neighborhood Harvest

Being healthy is hard. Grabbing fast food or even just a easy frozen meal can always make a hectic day feel so much easier. I definitely always feel a bit gross after though, don’t you?

Luckily I recently discovered the Neighborhood Harvest and it has been a game changer for my husband and I!

The concept is simple, they deliver fresh, local and pesticide-free greens to your door once a week! And when I say fresh, I mean, they are harvested the day before the come to your door!

Their farm is in Suffolk, VA and is beyond cool. I had the opportunity to explore it because I am handling their social media (shameless plug ?) and I was blown away!

 Neighborhood Harvest

Everything is grown inside of a green house so all elements of the growing process are controlled. They have so many types of lettuces, cilantro (my fav), basil, tomatoes, and more! They even have farm raised eggs!

 Neighborhood Harvest

I never thought lettuce could be so pretty ?.

Weekly delivery boxes start at $11 per week. We choose a $13 weekly option that sends two lettuces, microgreens (which add a kick to any sandwich/salad), and either tomatoes or eggs. The night before they come, I put a cooler on my porch and when I wake up, it is filled with greens and ice packs! It is easier than I could have imagined and my favorite part has to be that the lettuce actually lasts longer than when store bought!

 Neighborhood Harvest

We made a delicious salad with it the other day and it was so simple! Greens, grilled chicken, apple, fetta, pine nuts and basalmic vinegar!

 Neighborhood Harvest

I honestly don’t know if we would be eating something like this without the Neighborhood Harvest. When I open the fridge and see it in there, it serves as a great reminder to take care of my body!

Want to give the Neighborhood Harvest a shot?

They deliver from Jamestown to Hickory and I’d highly suggest them (although I guess I might be bias?).

Use the code “Tilley” and get 75% off the one time sign up fee (making it just $5 instead of $20).


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  1. Kuleigh

    This is really neat! I know of a lot of towns that are offering local goods at similar price points. I’ve been hitting up our local farmer’s market for lots of goodies like peaches, okra, and heirloom tomatoes.


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