Our Day at Water Country USA

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Water Country USA

Last weekend, the hubs and I hopped in the car and headed to Water Country USA! I used to go there all the time as a kid so I was pumped to relive all the fun! 

The park is just a 45 minute drive from our house so it made the perfect day adventure especially since it has been SO hot out.

Upon our arrival, we headed straight for the iconic wave pool. Ahhh memory lane…

One element that I did NOT remember though was the tiki bar! It is called Surfside Sips and had so many delicious drink options!

Water Country USA

Not to mention, they were also ICE COLD ?. I got a frozen margarita and Ryan got a craft beer.

And no, we did not match on purpose…it just happens sometimes…

Water Country USA

The first ride we rode was the Jet Stream. It was MUCH faster than I remembered and was a great way to get our adrenaline pumping.

Water Country USA

Up next was the Colossal Curl. This is the parks newest thrill ride and it was EPIC! So epic in fact that I screamed like a crazy person and rode it as many times as Ryan would allow me.

Water Country USA

The face of pure joy with a bit of fear because I am going backwards and I am worried about Ryan dropping his phone trying to take this pic ?.

After a few more rides, we replenished our energy with flatbreads from the Launch Pad Pubs and Subs. Nom. But then it was back to the slides!

We rode the Aquazoid (Ryan’s favorite as a kid), the Nitro Racer, and spent a little time relaxing on the Hubba Hubba Highway.

By the end of the trip, we were pooped but as we both got in the car, we agreed that Water Country USA is even better as a grown up?.

What to bring to Water Country USA:

  • Sunglasses with croakies – this way if they fly off your face, you won’t loose them!
  • Water shoes – lots of people were bare foot and I know their feet has to be burning up on the concrete!
  • Sun screen – no explanation needed… nobody wants to ruin a day of fun with sunburn
  • Towels and a change of clothes – perfect for a dry ride home!
  • Your ID and childlike wonder 😉

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  1. Emily

    This looks like so much fun, the perfect place to be on a hot summer day! Love the look on your face, and that you mentioned childlike wonder as something to bring:)!


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