New York City Chic Pink Jumpsuit

This Monday, I hopped in a car with my BFF and we drove all the way from Virginia Beach to New York City! We left at about 10am and made it there by 5:30pm. It was a fun road trip with an even better destination.

My best friend, Nicole, actually lives and works in NYC as a costume designer so she knows allll the in’s and out’s of the city!

Honestly I have only been to visit in the winter time so this trip was a WHOLE new expereince. My main concern in the past was making sure I didn’t freeze to death while on this trip I got to be fashionable and explore!

Upon our arrival we decided we had just enough energy to get a bit dressed up and head out to find a roof top bar Nicole has seen on Pinterest.

I got this pink jumpsuit before the trip and am obsessed with it. Funny enough, my costume designing bestie actually had ALMOST the exact same jumpsuit in a vintage version! Crazy how fashions recycle but I am thankful they do because this thing is comfy and chic!

The bar we ended up at was on the rooftop of Salvation Taco and it was amazing! It had a view of the Empire State building and yummy drinks. We didn’t eat there though because the tacos looked Barbie sized and I am not about that life.  I AM however about the greek take out we ordered when we got home lol.

On the way home, we checked out Grand Central Station and while we didn’t find the guy who does Human’s of New York, we did get a kick out of reenacting the first episode of Gossip Girl. I’d say Serena would wear this pink jumpsuit, wouldn’t you 😉 ?

It was a perfect first night in the city! Stay tuned for more of our adventures next week, including the rainbow bagel!

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14 thoughts on “New York City Chic Pink Jumpsuit

  1. Tori

    I also have never been to NYC outside of winter/early spring! I want to go so I can wear fun and cute summer outfits like this jumpsuit! I love the color of pink it is.


  2. adriana

    This shade of pink is so stunning! I love it and I love jumpsuits so I need to check this one out!


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