Follow My Clients: A Shameless Plug

After taking a look at my recent blog post numbers, I can see y’all are pretty interested in what I do for a living outside of this blog SO I thought I would take FULL advantage of that and post about a few of my clients today. Cough, cough, follow them.

I sold radio advertising for two years before we moved back to VA. During that time I learned anything and everything there was to know about any type of advertising and want to know what stuck out most? How it cost little to nothing to reach customers through social media.

My favorite thing to handle for my clients is Instagram. I see so much potential on this platform! But I also do Facebook, Constant Contact, blogging and moreeee for my clients. Here are a few of my fav’s right now 😉

  1. Bishard Homes

    tilleys threads clientsWith multiple new neighborhoods going up around Virginia Beach, Bishard Homes has #housegoals on lock down. I meannnn…how perfect is this kitchen?!

  2. Karnage Asada

    tilleys threads clientsHouse goals, meet food goals. Karnage Asada is a local food truck (2 trucks, actually) with the most delicious tacos, burritos, and more. This account is quickly becoming a favorite because I can be sassy as I’d like. I didn’t create the image of Beyonce holding the taco but once I found it, I knew I’d struck gold. If you made it, let me know and I’ll give your credit for your GENUIS skills.

  3. LABL

    tilleys threads clientsMy MVP right here, Lindsay, is the queen of athleisure. Follow her here and your feed will be full of the cutest outfits (also available online), yummy looking food, motivational quotes, and what I like to call, #lablvbtalk.


    tilleys threads clients Yours truly pictured here with Shannon of STAMPT when I first met her at her event in December. Y’all she is in the know from NYC to VB. She is a event mastermind and leaves an unmistakable mark on everything she collaborates on! Follow her here!

So that’s four of the 11 accounts I currently manage! I love how they are each unique and willing to let me be creative! Stay tuned for more!


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