Blazer with a Twist

multicolored blazer

What’s that saying? “Skys out, thighs out.” Lolz that is a weird one but it definitely describes how I’ve been feeling now that the weather is warming up! Am I the only one who didn’t care how cold 60 degree actually was in High School? No matter what, I was determined to dress for Spring in April! Yeah, thats me again this year I guess.
multicolored blazer

This blazer/jacket, although stylish, does help a little with the occasional cold breeze though. And I can’t even HANDLE the tassels! I wore it for a business meeting with slacks and then dressed it down here in shorts. It is so versatile and so colorful! multicolored blazer

Also adding a pop of color to my wardrobe lately are these new Diff Sunnies! For every pair of glasses you buy they give a pair of reading glasses to someone who needs them in Africa. 1 billion people need glasses in the world but don’t have access to them! Woah. Idk what I’d do without my regular glasses/contacts. multicolored blazer multicolored blazerThis weekend I am so excited to celebrate Easter with my family. I love Christmas but I just can’t get over how remarkable Easter is. The idea that God loves me more than my husband or parents do is so hard for me to grasp but I know it is so real and true.

If you are in Virginia Beach, I’d love for your to join me Sunday at Lifehouse Virginia Beach! Hit a sister up. We are also doing a 10,000 egg hunt tomorrow…yes 10,000! Should be fun!

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