5 Items That I’ve Had for Over 5 years

5 items over 5 years

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you that I might be a bit of a hoarder at this point. I honestly think it isn’t because I am shopping all the time (contrary to popular belief) but because I try to keep things. And then of course they pile up over time and…hello hoarder.

This all came to mind as I was preparing to have another clothes swap with my friends (last one here) and it got me thinking about the things I have had forever!


The first thing that I have had for over 5 years is my nail kit! I know I tell y’all about it all the time but it really is a life saver. The manicure is fool proof because since it is gel, you don’t have to paint it on evenly. It can also be used on your toes! It doesn’t last as long as the salon, but I do believe it is less bad for your nails.


Next up are my Jack Rodgers. Although this miiight be the year I finally retire my first pair, they have lasted me FOREVER. It took me a while to bite the bullet on the price but they have definitely been worth it!


Sticky Boobs are my best friend in the summer and although I haven’t kept the same pair for 5 years, I have repeatedly bought this exact set every year. They are affordable AND they work well!


I know this is not in season at allllll BUT I have had the same black coat since 10th grade. It is made by GUESS and has stayed timeless with its peplum shape and gold buttons. I liked some similar ones below that are on sale 😉


Last but not least…the item that I have had since I was 15 (now 26, woah)…UGG BOOTS. They are honestly as good looking now as they were in the beginning. Again, another daunting price tag (especially to my kind momma who got them for me) but so worth it! They make the best winter boots for running errands or keeping warm in your house when your too cheap to turn the heat on yet lol. They also make the BEST winter beach shoes because the sand can’t get in them!

Do you have any items that you’ve had for over 5 years? I would love to hear about them!


10 thoughts on “5 Items That I’ve Had for Over 5 years

  1. Jiawun Phng

    This is a great post! I can’t think off the top of my head if I have anything over 5 years but I probably do! I need to get the Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit because I love gel nails but getting them done at the salon is so expensive. x

    1. Tilley Post author

      Thank you Nicole! Isn’t it amazing that we can keep things for so long! I have been thinking about getting a pair of converses so good to know you’ve had yours for a while!

  2. Cameron - Diary of a Southern Millennial

    I actually just retired one of my older jackets that I had forever – it was starting to rip/wear in a few places! But I’ hoping my new one will last a while too haha. I do still have a clutch from back in the day – it’s a basic black clutch that won’t ever go out of style, and since I hardly use it it still looks like new!

  3. amy

    I’ve had my UGG boots for a while too!! I’m pretty sure I got mine in 8th grade and I’m about to graduate college. I know so many people hate them, but they’re such a life saver when it’s freezing out!! haha! Love this post idea!!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink


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