My Whole Foods Beauty Week Picks

I know I have shared my love for the Whole Foods’ beauty aisle before, but I am super pumped up about it today because their Beauty Week is coming up in just a week (3/22-3/28)! Ahhh and guess what happens during Beauty Week… (see pic below)

Yep, 25% OFF all facial care and cosmetics! Plus lots of fun demos, contests and you cannot miss out on this free goodie bag for the first 100 customers to stop by on Wednesday 3/22! So much good stuff!

Anyhow, Whole Foods let me pick a few items to test run so I could give y’all my suggestions, so lets dive in 😉 !

First, I decided to try two things my current skincare routine was missing…a facial scrub and a toner.

After speaking with the knowledgeable ladies in Whole Foods’ Beauty Department, I decided to give the ACURE Brighting Facial Scrub ($9.99 before discount) a try.

I was so surprised the first time I squirted it out because it was practically black! It smells like peppermint though and has Kelp powder and walnut shells in it that give a great exfoliating experience. So far, after using this 2 times a week for 2 weeks, I love this product. I am not into doing before and after photos but I have seen my skin brighten! Plus I love how refreshing it is.

When it came to the toner, I knew I wanted to try Thayers Witch Hazel ($9.99 before discount). I had already read tons of great reviews on it and knew it was good stuff. It is free of alcohol, gluten, artificial preservatives, and parabens.

I haven’t seen a huge difference on my face since using it but I have been experiencing bacne since returning from Puerto Rico (just another reason I belong in the sun). To combat it, I have been applying the witch hazel there and have seen improvements! Thank God because bacne is not cute.

Next, I grabbed 2 serums. Ladies, serums are not cheap so this sale is a great time to get them.

I have been using this MyChelle Perfect C Serum ($44.99) for three months now and love it. Vitamin C has sooo many benefits for your skin (like brightening to get that glow), tightening, and it can even protect your skin from the elements (like pollution or sunrays).

My only drawback to this product is the pump. It’s pretty bad so I bought this dropper (also from WF, around $3) and poured the whole bottle in. This way not a drop is wasted in a spout.

If you have sensitive skin I would caution you to first try this serum at night. It can also tingle after using a scrub but I use it regularly in the mornings after my toner without issues.

The next serum I sprung for was this trilogy rosehip oil ($24.99 before beauty week discount). Rosehip oil can correct dark spots and hydrate dry, itchy skin, all while reducing scars and fighting fine lines.

If you know me, I am trying to be so proactive in my fight against wrinkles so this product is perfect for me.

I apply it after my Vit C serum mentioned above by dropping two drops on my hand and gently tapping it on my face (especially around smile lines, forehead wrinkles, and where future crows feet would show up). Some of y’all might think I am crazy but it is never too soon to invest in your skin.

Lastly, I picked up two moisturizers in different price ranges. The first, Weleda’s Iris Facial Lotion ($19.99). I have nothing miraculous to say about this moisturizer but nothing bad either. It is a light cream (which would be good for oily skin) and left my skin feeling soft. I am not a fan of the scent though…it is a little herbal for me. All in all though, it is a great option for the price.

The other moisturizer I tried was MyChelle’s Supreme Polypeptide Cream ($53.99 before discount). This, like the ACURE scrub I mentioned, was suggested to me by the beauty specialist at Whole Foods. This one is just what I like in a moisturizer. It is thick and makes my skin feel moist and smooth. I’d suggest letting it soak in a bit before going on to your makeup because it can be a little thick. It is a great night time moisturizer as well!

Ok, I know I have hit you with a TON of info so outside of my above recommendations let me give you some basic shopping tips:

How to Best Shop Whole Foods Beauty Week:

  1. Inventory what you’ve got and fill in the holes.
  2. Remember the higher the price, the higher the discount. If you’ve wanted to try something new this is the time *cough cough MyChelle Cream and Vit C.*
  3. Talk to the specialists. They are so knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Happy shopping y’all!

Disclosure: I have a partnership with Whole Foods Market and was compensated for my work. All words and reviews reflect my honest opinions. Thank you for supporting the brands that support me!


15 thoughts on “My Whole Foods Beauty Week Picks

  1. Kait

    I’m a huge fan of Whole Foods, but their beauty products here (Hawaii) are super expensive 🙁 Some of the same lines are carried at another local mom-and-pop type organic food store. I love the Weleda brand!

  2. Cameron

    I love a good witch hazel toner, so I’ll have to give this one a shot! And it sounds like you picked up so many more great products, so I’ll have to check them out as well!

  3. Amanda

    Um, I think I need to make a trip out to my nearest Whole Foods (like 30 mins away– I need one closer!) and try out some of their beauty picks. I’m a total oil lover so I would be all over that rosehip oil.

  4. Hannah

    I had no idea Whole Foods sold beauty products! Guess I have been living under a rock haha. But I am definitely going to have to check out your picks!

    xoxo, Hannah

  5. Teresa

    What amazing finds! Whole Foods has such a great selection. That Witch Hazel with rose is one of my favorite products. It’s such a staple in my beauty routine.


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