Home Update: Shiplap Fireplace

shiplap fireplace

I teased this little home improvement project back in December and I am excited to finally share it with y’all…behold our new shiplap fireplace!

If you saw the before photo (below) then you can see that the new addition looks like it should have been there all along!

Crazy, right? Here are some more photos of the “after,” then I’ll get into how we made it happen 😉 .

shiplap fireplaceshiplap fireplace

Of course, Deacon had to make an appearance…

shiplap fireplaceOne of my favorite parts is this shelving on the left side that holds all the ugly boxes.

shiplap fireplace

Where oh where to begin with this shiplap beauty.

Well to begin, we first had a gas line put in to reach from our gas tank to this fireplace. This was a honestly a little pricy because you have to hire a plumber. Installing an electric fireplace would be a way to avoid this expensive step. Our electric bill is already so high though so we decided to go with a gas. Honestly, now that we have it, I am so happy with this decision that we made.

We found the actual fireplace itself here. Shipping was quick and easy. I shopped all around and this was the least expensive/most attractive option. Local stores were selling sets at over $1,000 so our $400 option was a winner. I read the reviews and agree with them! It is an awesome fireplace!

Next, we worked with a contractor to build the shiplap structure. If you live in Hampton Roads and want his contact info just let me know 😉 . First he framed it (which you can kind of see from the photo below) and then he put the shiplap around it.

shiplap fireplace

At some point in the process he also installed this TV mount so that the television could move and be flush with the shiplap.

We found the wood mantle at a local salvage shop. It is actually a railroad tie from a farm in Maryland! Love the history, plus it is perfectly rustic.

I am still working on decorating it exactly how I want it but this shiplap fireplace really does make the perfect blank slate for any seasonal decor!

Shiplap fireplace

Get the look of my Shiplap Fireplace decor here:


17 thoughts on “Home Update: Shiplap Fireplace

  1. Amanda

    This looks incredible! It really does look like it should have been there all along. Loving your home decor styling– it has some great personality!

  2. Rachel Ritlop

    Soooo the hubs and I are just going to move in with you two so I don’t have to decorate our house, mmmk? haha LOVEEEE the fireplace addition! it totally changes the room


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