Make it Monday: Drop Cloth Curtains

Liz Marie has become my spirit animal as of lately. Her farmhouse decorating style has me constantly checking her blog and insta for inspiration. When it came time to add curtains to our living room, I was immediately drawn to her drop cloth curtains! They had the perfect look and I knew they’d be much more economical than the $49.99 PER PANEL curtains I had been looking at from Bed Bath and Beyond (not even my 20% off entire purchase coupon could make that feel ok).
SO, I had my dad install curtain rods similar to these 5 inches from the ceiling and 7 inches from the left and right sides of the window to create the illusion of having larger windows. Here are some photos of the rods in place…

Next, I hunted for drop cloths. Yes, I said hunted. My Lowes and Home Depot did not have many options so I ended up at Walmart. I have 4 windows and bought 4 9×6 foot drop cloths for under $10 each. How did I come up with 9×6? I kind of guessed/prayed. I couldn’t find many suggestions online of size so I went with 9 feet because of the hight of my windows and 6 feet wide because I was concerned with my curtains being too heavy and that was the smallest they had, lol. 
You will also need some super sharp scissors and curtain rings with clips like these.
Cut the cloth directly down the middle fold. I guess you could measure 3 ft exactly if you wanted to but I get too excited and tend to rush (although in retrospect, I do wish I had ironed the cloths after cutting them). Next, measure the length from your curtain rod to the floor and subtract from 9 feet to figure out how long your fold over should be. Mine were 82 inches from the floor so my fold over was 16 inches.
Next, clip your rings to the top of the fold as equally apart as possible. Add them to your rod and you’re done! $10 curtains! 
And just like that, my regularly scheduled blog content is back! July 4th (and a lake vaycay with my fam the following weekend) really threw me off but I am excited for the DIYs, #ootds, and heart to hearts I have planned for the rest of July! Stay tuned…

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