All Weather Jacket

With a forecast of rain all weekend I guess it is true that April showers bring May flowers. I usually do not mind the rain so much unless I am caught unprepared out in it (the wet dog look just doesn’t look so good on me…lol at those pups) SO I recently invested in this bright Anorak jacket and am now ready for anything!

It truly is an all weather jacket and I am quite honestly, obsessed. I wear it everywhere I go and with a hood that zips out of the collar, I am ready for rain!

Outfit details: Anorak Jacket // White tee // J Crew Jeans // Kate Spade flats, similar here 
The detail that went into this design makes it so much chicer than a regular jacket. I mean it doesn’t get better than gold hardware in my opinion. And I adore how it is longer in the back than the front. 

It is a must have for Spring and Summer!

2 thoughts on “All Weather Jacket

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