Make it Monday: Pom Pom Sandals

I cannot begin to explain how thankful I am for this warmer weather we have been experiencing in VA. Beach weather is on the way and with it, sandal weather! I am a sucker for some neutral Jack Rodgers, but I also love to spice things up with as much color as possible! I recently came across these sandals and fell in love! But I cannot justify spending that much on sandals with saving for a house so I decided I would try to make them! 
I choose this basic nude sandal to start and picked up some neon embroidery thread and pom poms from Michael’s.  
To attach the pom poms and tassels that I made from the embroidery thread, I used a sewing needle and fireline. I wanted each shoe to be different so I followed no specific pattern but tried to incorporate all the colors on each shoe. 
They may not be as good as the real thing but I love them and can’t wait to rock them with some jean shorts! 

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