Wedding Wednesday: All in the Details

When I dreamt of our wedding day, I wanted it to feel fun and glamorous but rustic and effortless at the same time. My journey began with a designer for all things wedding
related in the Outer Banks. During our chat, I shared our engagement story with her and it sparked a light bulb in her head…

This past Thanksgiving Ryan and I were driving home from Western NC to be with our families in the Outer Banks for Thanksgiving. About an hour away, we hit a huge black bear. The airbags deployed and the truck was just about totaled. By the fear in Ryan’s eyes when he reached over to see if I was ok, I could see he loved me more than I knew. That weekend he told his mom he was going to propose on Christmas Eve. I don’t know for sure if the bear was the reason he
decided it was time (after 5 years) to propose but I feel like it may have helped push things along. It was decided that we would have a taxidermy bear head hang outside of the bar and we would call the bar the “Bear Bar.”

I hand lettered this giant sign with the poem on it to explain why it was there. I loved having a little story of how our love came to be there for those who didn’t know…the first time I met Ryan was on my first date…with someone else haha.

I hand lettered many signs for that day by finding a font that I liked online, typing out what I wanted it to say and printing it out to then copy. Chalk markers and wrapping paper were used to make it look like a chalk board. I have always been able to copy something and it was a lot less expensive than hiring a calligrapher.

I used old frames and mirrors to put the signs on, all of which were repurposed into decor for our home. One of the signs I even made just before I jumped into my wedding dress the morning of! I can’t believe I almost forgot one!

Our invitations were also an important detail to me. I wanted them to be elegant but with a tad bit of humor. If you look closely you can see that the map has the wedding location
(Duck Woods Country Club), our favorite pier where we ride bikes to eat breakfast, as well as the place we had out first date, The Lost Treasure Golf Course.  

Save the Date and Invitations by The Littlest Paperie // Address Stamp

We were married under a beautiful arbor of old doors and eucalyptus outside in front of a little creek. We made little fan programs for everyone during the ceremony. I had them printed at our local staples and we stuck them together with a Popsicle stick in the middle.

The rain had threatened us all week but God held it off till just after everyone had made
it inside for the cocktail hour. Although I didn’t go to the cocktail hour, I know it must have been awesome. We chose unconventional appetizers to make the day embody us as a couple. My mom was appalled that there would be no bacon wrapped scallops (because in her mind, all weddings have bacon wrapped scallops haha). Instead, we served buffalo chicken skewers, mini cheese burgers with mini French fries, and spicy tuna rolls to mimic my favorite restaurant, Cow Fish. Nom.

 The reception was a vision in mint and gold. We repurposed our bouquets to go on the farm wood head tables and the rest of the tables either had a gold frame with candles or sea grass garland.

I can’t wait to share the pictures from the reception next Wednesday!

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Pictures by Alicia Lacey Photography 


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