Wedding Wednesday: Getting Ready

I cannot (and will not) stop gushing about Ryan and my wedding day so I
am creating a little weekly series called “Wedding Wednesday” to share
all of the details and fun without bombarding it all over the blog. Today’s post is all about the morning of the wedding… 
Naturally, the day of the wedding I woke at the crack of dawn. All my bridesmaids were staying at our beach house with me but we had stayed up late the night before celebrating with an after rehearsal dinner pool party so they were all still fast asleep. In the quiet time before they woke, I wrote my letter to Ryan and prayed for our marriage. After Hannah, one of my bridesmaids woke up, we watched sappy wedding videos until we decided it was time for everyone else to get up. She grabbed a pot and a wooden spoon and proceed to bang on it singing “Going to the Chapel.” I will never forget that wake up call and I am sure they won’t either haha!
After everyone was up, we headed to my parents house which made the perfect setting for a morning of getting gussied up. We had our hair and makeup done while sipping on mimosas and stuffing our nervous faces with sandwiches and fruit. I tried to soak up every moment and was surprisingly calm.
After my hair and makeup were done they added my final touches…my handmade comb of fresh flowers and veil. The flower comb was made by my wedding designer (florist and decor extraordinaire), Renee Laundry and my veil was made by Marie Hunt of I originally was not going to wear a veil for our wedding until I came across this one on pinterest. Marie and I worked closely together and the end result was the most beautiful and original design which she now calls the Brittany veil in her store. I can’t imagine our day without it now. It was unique to me and I am so thankful to have met someone with the skills to design it.
Then it was time for the dress…swoon. I loved the dress more than I could have thought (I struggled when we went shopping for it). It fit perfectly thanks to my seamstress (who interestingly enough is also a taxidermist HA). It was just the right amount of sexy and classy.

I adore these pics with my momma. She is such an awesome lady and the
day was perfect because of her hard work and putting up with me haha. She lights up my days with Jesus and positivity. 
We bought my dress at Bella Rosa Boutique in Richmond, Virginia. I was going to buy the exact same dress at a store in Virginia Beach but the ladies at Bella Rosa were so much more hospitable and kind that I drove a few extra hours to work with them instead. That goes so far in my book 🙂
Accessories were next…
Then after a few quick poses with my fav girls, it was time to go see my groom. 
Photos by (the amazing): Alicia Lacey Photography

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  1. Karissa Marie

    Ahhh can't get enough of your beautiful pictures! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your bridesmaids in their robes, I LOVE those and have been on the hunt for reasonable priced ones.


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