summer solstice

(noun): the solstice on June 21st that marks the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.
What they didn’t add on was that it is also national  Lilly Pulitzer day! So like any Lilly lover, I whipped out my favorite new printed shorts, threw on a crop top I found at Goodwill and added two of my newest (handmade by yours truly) necklaces and went out to enjoy the weather!
The necklaces were as easy as PIE to make. All you need is some chain, a cap, a fun bead and a little patience. With tassels being so in right now, I just couldn’t stop! And I am making a new version now made entirely of seed beads! It is a lot harder though so it may take some time… but I think it will be worth the extra effort!

Where to get these threads: Callahan Shorts Wedges



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